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Primos Alpha Dogg Review – Detailed Buyer’s Guide 2020

Tired of Buying Cheap Quality Electronic Predator Calls?

If your answer is “Yes “, then this buying guide is just for you. The Primos Alpha Dogg Review will help you to make the best decision of your life in coyote hunting. The brand “Primos” is well known for its high-quality products for hunters. However, the high quality comes with a big price, but in this case, it’s the opposite. The Primos Alpha Dogg is priced between 200 USD to 400 USD, which is definitely worth it. Now let’s know more about this awesome product in detail.


Primos Alpha Dogg Review


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Why should I buy Primos Alpha Dogg?

To answer this question, let’s know more about the brand “Primos”. Will Primos the mind behind this awesome product has experience of building Calls since 1960. They have years of experience and the right technology to create the best hunting calls. Due to this reason, the Primos brand has a special reputation in the Hunting World.

The Primos Alpha dog is a mid-level all in one Predator Call in the market. If you are serious about hunting coyotes or other predators, then it’s is the best choice. At the time of writing this guide, it’s priced at approx 200 USD. The Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Call is made of rugged plastic, which is specially designed for harsh conditions.   The predator call expert Randy Anderson has provided Calls Sequencing to it. Let’s check out its complete feature list to know, why this product is best in the market.

Complete Features List

  • Powerful High-Quality Speakers and Sound:  It has a Rotating directional speaker system for dynamic, realistic sounds. It has 80-degree cone speakers and 64 Digitally mastered sounds for the best performance. In our testing, we found that even with heavy winds or noise you can hear the calls from 200 yards without any issues.


Primos Alpha Dogg Review


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  • Design: It has Realtree MAX-1 Camouflage, which helps this amazing product to stay hidden from the eyes of the predators. the Coyotee won’t be able to find out this product, It becomes undetectable due to its size, you can carry it around after folding the legs.


  • Internal Memory: The Primos Alpha Dogg has 2 GB of internal storage which can store 1000 sounds from a professional sound library. Which is amazing as you can try out different sounds and target a lot of different predators on the hunt.


  • Best Remote Control: It has a 2.5-inch color LCD on the remote. This remote has a “night mode” feature as well.


Complete List of Pros and Cons of Primos Alpha Dogg


  • Auxiliary jack for operating motion decoys

  • Audio out and Audio in ports

  • USB cable port

  • Rugged speaker case with elevated legs

  • Tripod mounting threads

  • Universal tripod mounting threads

  • Operates on 8 AA batteries (not included) for the base unit and 3 AA batteries (not included) for the remote 

  • For some users uploading new calls can be a hard task. 


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Verdict on the Primos Alpha Dogg E-Caller

The Primos Alpha Dogg is one of the best mid-level Electronic calls.  This unit is a great buy and its remote works from more than 200 yards away. It comes with preloaded 75 calls and it’s programmable.  If you have a good budget, then we recommend you to buy this product. We hope our detailed Primos Alpha Dogg Review will help you to make your decision.


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